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In 2019, I pushed a reborn button of my lifetime - Received the job I have been dreaming of for my whole life - a fashion buyer - to explore more valuable to my destiny.


From the very beginning of my youthhood. I was wondering about the fantasy of fashion industry, the glamour of the luxury world, and also the accomplishment of being part of the opinion in our big flourishing wonderland. Once I thought, I was once living there. Year after year, I’m starting to get confused about what I am doing. Is it the right way to push this big machine, is it right to put our customer just using money to buy something for the brand but design; the value but substance, the ego but happiness of fashion. Since that moment, I try to find more meaning in what we can do about fashion, to make fashion more than just surface.


With my hindsight, I left my job and got a one way ticket to the other side of earth.


The first drifting stop of my trip, I came back to the motherland of Fashion - PARIS, to look for the ostentatious truth of fashion. This time, as another role, a street-wear photography. During the fashion week, I took thousands of pics of Fashionable tourists going through the show, one party to party. I was shocked by the photographers striving to shoot the noise of crowds; but the silence of Beauty, I was pushed by cloudless black flash bulb, and plenty of unconscious long camera lenses. I was starting to doubt what I believed before. Is it the fashion world we want? To live between flash and lenses.


After the fashion week marathon, I step forward my journey of true searching the home of faceless Hero - Antwerp. When I stepped downtown, I started to smell something is different, people here mixing with stylish and self confidence. With the atmosphere, I feel like fashion is smoothing, living in the street and rock on the city, every step and step. In the hidden side of the town, I accidentally stepped into a store selling archived Dries, Margiela, Raf and Rick, etc... The lady of the shop gave me a shining greeting and asked me what I’m looking for. I said I just jumped to your shop by sudden, but it felt like my version of “Alice in Wonderland.” We had a long talk about clothes, fashion history as well as archived collecting. In these hundreds of minutes, I am alive by our passion again.


In this Zine, You can find eight stories that describe what I have seen and experienced in these five months, the boys all I met in Europe and Asian who have a double layer of life. In their stories, We find people are having a life that we never dare to think about and fight with. 


Through their stories with their pictures, we rebuild a new world in a mirrored way, to show us a rhythmical screen of the storytellers, style of Decade of Raf Simons collection within.


After all, It might be the way I find the meaning of my fashion.

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